The story so far

I’ve already written a fair amount on these topics, and I don’t propose to blog that as I go. If you’d like some background, you might want to look at the following notes of mine:

Of course, many others have also written on these topics too. Some articles that have particularly inspired me are:

(I’m sure there are many others too, which I’ve forgotten to mention.)


About jeremygibbons

Jeremy Gibbons is Professor of Computing in Oxford University Department of Computer Science, and a fan of functional programming and patterns of computation.
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3 Responses to The story so far

  1. Hugo says:

    Jeremy, I’m very interested in the topic, and your blog it’s a really good and clear source of information. Currently i’m reading “Calculating functional programs”, from the link at the top. I’m stuck with some properties which I cannot understand. The docs says “See Exercise 1.7.5 for the proofs” (for example). I found the exercise, but not the answer, so I want to ask you if the doc is from a book or if can I get the complete text in another way.


  2. Hugo says:

    Oh, I see, sorry for the misundestanding. When I wrote my problem explanation, I figured it out. Thanks for your help!. I’ll try to finish this lectures as fast I can, so I’ll able to follow your posts in time.

    Thanks again,

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