Welcome to my blog on Patterns in Functional Programming. I’m on sabbatical this academic year (September 2010 to 2011), and my sabbatical project is to make progress on a book on this topic during the year.

I thought I would try blogging as I go — partly in order to keep motivated, but mostly because I’m hoping to get comments on the material as it develops. Please do feel free to contact me about this work, and to respond to the posts.

If you’re familiar with this kind of stuff, I’m hoping that each post makes sense in isolation; then you could read the most recent posts first, or rummage around in the menus on the right. If you’re new to it, though, it might make more sense in chronological order; in that case, you can start with the first post and make use of the navigation arrows forwards and backwards at the four corners of each post.

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